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Seven Korean beauty secrets only insiders are privy to

We set out to uncover the skincare and makeup secrets that Korean women use to achieve that mul-gwang, or sheen. We spoke with three beauty bloggers who are more knowledgeable than most about Korean beauty. Continue reading for a Korean guide to achieving your most gorgeous skin ever.

Utilize Acne Patches to Treat Blemishes

Because they are more prone to pigmentation, Korean women take additional precautions to protect their skin from UVA/UVB rays. Charlotte Cho, author of The Little Book of Skin Care ($18) and founder of Soko Glam, a website that sells the finest Western and Korean beauty products, asserts, “They never leave the house without applying sunscreen.” When necessary, they use hats, umbrellas, and gloves to shield themselves from the sun!

According to Beauty Specialist, Korean women utilise exfoliants and “natural skin brighteners like rice extracts, vitamin C, and licorice.” They will visit a dermatologist for laser treatment of stubborn brown spots.

Regarding skin imperfections, Sheryll Donerson, who was born in the United States and founded the blog The Wanderlust Project after living in South Korea for two years, tells Byrdie, “When I taught at a middle school in Korea, all of my students wore pimple patches to help with their blemishes.” They are simply incredible! I only wear them at night, but I swear by them if I need to eliminate a blemish quickly. My favourite acne patches are the Missha Speedy Solution Acne Patch ($5) and the COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch ($5).

Deep cleansing is the first step towards achieving an exceptional complexion

According to her, “excess oil, dirt, and bacteria on your skin can cause premature ageing, dark spots, and breakouts,” highlighting the importance of cleansing. 

Being proactive and maintaining clean skin is essential. 

Additionally, without a clean base, makeup will not look good!”

Cho performs a daily triple cleanse, and she demonstrated how to do so in detail.

Initial cleansing: When removing stubborn impurities from your skin with a cleansing tissue, be mindful of the delicate eye area and neck.

Second, remove oil-based impurities by massaging an oil cleanser into the skin. Rinse.

Third Detox: Apply cleansing foam to a wet face to eliminate water-based impurities. Pat dry after rinsing.

According to Donerson, powder cleansers are very popular in Korea right now. 

I cherish them! 

Because you don’t have to worry about them leaking or violating liquid restrictions at the airport, they’re perfect for travelling or tossing in your gym bag.

Consider Bare Minerals Skinsorials for a unique take on this trend. Mix. Exfoliate. Pleasant ($18).

By incorporating face oil into your foundation, hydration can be improved.

“[Mul-gwang] is all about hydration! 

Cho explains that you can achieve a radiant, dewy glow by layering your moisturiser and using mists. 

In addition, a number of eye creams and primers contain pearl extracts that help to diffuse flaws and reflect light for a luminous appearance.

“If you have dry skin, try mixing a face oil or serum with your foundation,” suggests Morgan Stewart, the Korean-American founder of the website and YouTube channel The Beauty Breakdown.

Invest in a more thorough skincare regimen

“It may appear intimidating and costly, but the time and money spent are well worth it! I agree with Stewart that layering is the most significant game-changer. The majority of people only use face wash and moisturiser. However, exfoliation, toning, essence, and sleeping packs are never to be neglected!

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